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Results Driven Continuous Employee Development
The future is here! Looking beyond LMS.
We prioritize tangible outcomes, ensuring that each learning experience contributes directly to professional growth.
Developed by Customer experience company
Focused learning
The training is strategically designed to be trigger-based, meaning it responds to specific events or milestones in an employee's career. This ensures that learning experiences are timely, relevant, and aligned with individual and organizational goals. Additionally, the training is tailored to specific locations and roles, acknowledging the unique requirements and challenges associated with different contexts.
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Trigger based microlearning
We’re more than an LMS. We’re the foundation on which the future of learning is built. Which is why innovation is the driving force behind our platform—and AI is at its core. We harness the power of AI to accelerate content production, automate workflows and improve the learner experience. It’s like doubling the size of your team, without adding headcount. Bigger impact, greater results.
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Key features
Elevate CED is an innovative platform designed to analyze a variety of resources currently available in the customer experience (CX) market. Its goal is to offer tailored educational recommendations for individuals, specific locations, or organizational segments by leveraging insights from different departments. Elevate aims to enhance learning experiences and support organizational growth by adapting its recommendations to meet the unique needs of its users, with plans to broaden its data sources to include a wider range of feedback mechanisms.
Key benefits
Upskill your employees
Improving customer experience
Build a better HR brand
Customer Satisfaction
Alignment with Organizational Goals
Enhanced Employee Engagement
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What’s Different About Elevate
01Performance-Based Management

Performance-Based Management, anchored in customer experience (CX) data, offers a strategic approach to evaluating and enhancing employee outcomes, directly correlating their performance with customer satisfaction metrics. By analyzing CX data, businesses can identify specific areas for employee improvement, tailor development programs, and recognize top performers, fostering a culture of accountability and excellence. This data-driven method ensures that employee contributions are aligned with the company's goals, driving growth and improving overall customer experience through targeted feedback and actionable insights.
Read more

02Recommendations and Predictions Based On    Results

Leveraging Recommendations and Predictions Based on Results transforms raw data into actionable insights, guiding strategic decisions and future actions. This approach uses performance outcomes and analytics to forecast trends, identify opportunities for improvement, and recommend tailored strategies for optimizing operations and enhancing productivity. By analyzing past and current results, businesses can predict future performance, enabling proactive adjustments and targeted interventions to drive success and achieve competitive advantage. Read more

03Internal Triggers

Utilizing Internal Triggers allows companies to automate and streamline critical processes, such as assigning employees to onboarding programs or scheduling repeated training courses, enhancing operational efficiency. This system detects specific conditions or milestones, triggering predefined actions like enrolling new hires in essential orientation sessions or reminding employees of upcoming refresher courses. By integrating these triggers, organizations can ensure consistent compliance with training protocols, timely employee development, and a reduction in manual administrative tasks, leading to a more dynamic, responsive, and well-prepared workforce. Read more

04Content Authoring

Content Authoring, powered by results-based analytics, enables the creation of tailored training courses that precisely meet the evolving needs of clients. By analyzing performance data and feedback, organizations can identify knowledge gaps and emerging trends, crafting customized learning materials that address specific requirements. Additionally, this approach allows clients to directly communicate their unique educational needs, ensuring that the content not only aligns with their objectives but also enhances learner engagement and effectiveness. Through this dynamic and responsive method, companies can offer highly relevant, impactful training solutions that drive client success and satisfaction. Read more

05Continues Monitoring

Continuous monitoring involves actively tracking and listening to data streams from diverse origins in real-time. Its primary objective is to assess the outcomes of completed courses and ascertain if further courses are necessary. The system discerns the courses assigned to individuals and evaluates them based on predefined parameters. If there's a need for additional courses, the system interfaces with Frontline performance management to arrange for further training sessions. Read more

06Personal Development Goals And Promotion    Management

Our Professional Development/Performance Management (PD/PM) module is designed to boost employee motivation and productivity effectively. Tailored to engage employees directly in their learning journey, it addresses the crucial question of why they should invest in learning. By providing clear pathways to goal achievement, it not only enhances job satisfaction but also significantly improves productivity levels. Read more

07CX Content Library For Different Industries

The CX Courses Content Library for Different Industries serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering tailored customer experience training materials across various sectors. This specialized library equips businesses with industry-specific insights and best practices, enabling them to design and deliver exceptional CX strategies that resonate with their unique customer base. By providing access to a wide array of courses and content, companies can empower their teams with the knowledge and skills needed to elevate customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy, ultimately driving competitive advantage and growth in their respective fields. Read more

08Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights derived from reporting and analytics play a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency and employee performance by enabling targeted interventions. By analyzing data trends and outcomes, organizations can identify specific needs or opportunities, triggering automated responses such as assigning relevant courses to employees or sending notifications for training updates. This strategic use of insights ensures that development efforts are precisely tailored to address gaps in skills or knowledge, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability. Through such data-driven actions, companies can directly influence their growth trajectory and workforce competence, aligning employee development with organizational goals and industry demands. Read more

Developed by CX professionals for CX professionals.

Crafted by seasoned CX professionals for the discerning CX community, our platform is a testament to the collective expertise and dedication of those who understand the intricacies of customer experience. Tailored to meet the unique needs of CX professionals, our solution is a culmination of industry insights, innovation, and a passion for delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction. Join a community that thrives on excellence, where the tools are designed by CX experts, for CX experts.
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An enhanced educational journey utilizing our web-based training platform.
Employee Onboarding
Effective onboarding is crucial for both immediate employee success and the long-term prosperity of your business, emphasizing the importance of getting it right from day one. It not only enhances employee engagement and productivity but also significantly impacts your company's overall growth and success.
Compliance Training
Compliance training is essential to ensure that employees understand and adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and company policies, directly impacting both the integrity and legal standing of your business. It's a foundational element that safeguards your organization from potential legal challenges and fosters a culture of ethical conduct and responsibility.
Sales Enablement
Sales enablement empowers your sales team with the tools, resources, and training they need to effectively engage buyers and drive revenue, playing a pivotal role in the growth and competitiveness of your business. It bridges the gap between potential and performance, enhancing sales productivity and success.
Continuous employee development
Continuous employee development is key to nurturing a workforce that remains adaptable, innovative, and competitive, directly contributing to the sustainability and growth of your business. It fosters a culture of learning and improvement, ensuring your team's skills and knowledge evolve in line with industry trends and business needs.
Customer experience
Optimizing customer experience is vital for building lasting relationships and driving business growth, as it directly influences customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. It entails understanding and meeting your customers' needs at every touchpoint, ensuring a seamless, positive interaction with your brand.
Partner/ Franchisee Enablement
Partner or Franchisee Enablement is crucial for ensuring that your network operates cohesively and successfully, significantly impacting the overall reach and profitability of your business. It provides your partners with the necessary tools, resources, and training to align their operations with your brand's standards and goals, fostering a unified approach to growth and customer satisfaction.
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