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A simplistic user interface that sits on top of the most powerful CED engine in the industry today!

At the heart of our platform is a steadfast commitment to Continuous Employee Development (CED). We recognize the direct link between the growth of employees and the success of our customers. By prioritizing the ongoing development of your team, we aim to not only enhance individual skills and knowledge but also improve the overall customer experience (CX) delivered through our platform.

Our strategic goal is the continuous improvement and evolution of this commitment. By integrating CED with the best practices in Customer Experience (CX), we aim to create an environment where feedback and collaboration lead to innovative solutions and enhanced user experiences.

In essence, our platform serves as a testament to the power of Continuous Employee Development. It is a reflection of our belief that the most effective way to enhance customer satisfaction is through the ongoing growth and development of your team. As we evolve, we remain committed to this principle, ensuring that our platform—and the people behind it—remain at the forefront of industry standards and customer expectations.

Central to this commitment is our innovative CED Engine, a dynamic component designed specifically to support and elevate the growth and development of your' employees.

The CED Engine is not just a feature; it is the heart of our platform, driving the development of your workforce. It employs a unique combination of technology, data analytics, and personalized learning paths to identify and bridge gaps in skills and knowledge. Through this engine, we offer a tailored development experience for each employee, aligning their growth with your business objectives and customer service goals.

Main components of CED engine:

Data analyses.
By analyzing current data across various industries, our Input Data Analytics identifies what essential knowledge or skills may be lacking. This ensures that the content and training are precisely tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by employees in their respective fields.


Input Data Analytics is seamlessly integrated with Elevate CED's internal services, ensuring a cohesive and uninterrupted learning experience. This integration allows for a more personalized training journey, adapting in real-time to the evolving needs of each employee.

Performance-Based Management
Our platform incorporates a Performance-Based Management system designed to optimize employee development efficiently. By focusing solely on the specific needs of each employee, we assign training materials and courses only when they're most needed, eliminating unnecessary or redundant learning. The key feature of this approach is the use of external triggers to automatically assign relevant materials and courses to employees. This means that as soon as the system identifies a gap in skills or knowledge, or a change in job requirements, it immediately responds by providing the appropriate resources. This ensures that all training is timely, relevant, and directly linked to improving job performance and achieving business objectives.

Is the assessment of historical data of a client or the industry as a whole to prevent deterioration in service, and to anticipate potential problems. By comparing the results of different people in various fields, we can make predictions based on the personality assessment of a person using machine learning. This will allow us to decide which areas are best suited for a specific person and what tasks they may be more successful and efficient at. It can also help in the candidate selection process for a specific position, as we can use this data to decide which candidate has more potential to successfully perform tasks in a particular area.


Feature of our platform evaluates the current training processes within an organization and identifies areas for improvement. This involves an initial assessment phase where data on existing training programs and employee performance is analyzed to understand the effectiveness of current strategies.
The system then generates three types of recommendations:

single_option General

These are broad, overarching suggestions aimed at enhancing the training framework across the entire organization. This could involve updates to training methodologies, curriculum adjustments, or changes in training schedules.

single_option Location-specific

Recognizing the unique needs of different operational areas, the system provides tailored advice for each location. This caters to the distinct requirements, challenges, and cultural differences that may exist across various branches or offices.

single_option Employee-specific

Focusing on individual employees, this set of recommendations is based on personal performance reviews and learning histories. It aims to address specific gaps in knowledge or skills, aligning training closely with each employee's development goals and job requirements.

Through these recommendations, the platform aims to create a more targeted and effective training environment, addressing organizational needs while also catering to individual employee development.

Continuous monitoring.
Listening Continuous monitoring, tracks and listens in real time to data that comes from various sources.

Continuous monitoring in our platform encompasses real-time tracking and analysis of data originating from diverse sources. This feature systematically observes and records activities and performance metrics across various dimensions of the organization and its operational environment. The listening aspect refers to the platform's ability to detect, capture, and interpret signals or data points continuously, facilitating an ongoing understanding of the system's state, employee performance, and training efficacy.

This process involves aggregating data from multiple streams, including employee feedback, performance metrics, training completion rates, and other relevant indicators, including Customer Experience (CX) data. By maintaining constant vigilance over this flow of information, the continuous monitoring system ensures that decision-makers have up-to-date insights, enabling timely adjustments to training programs, operational strategies, and organizational processes.

The core objective of continuous monitoring is to provide a holistic view of the organizational health and readiness, identifying trends, pinpointing areas of concern, and highlighting opportunities for improvement. It supports the proactive management of resources and strategies, ensuring that the organization remains adaptive, responsive, and aligned with its goals and objectives.

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close_contact_button Let’s talk If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our platform, feel free to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way.
Also you can contact us     +1(727) 674-0300

13825 US-19 #302 Hudson,FL, 34667, USA